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Wingfoil on Zanzibar

Wingfoil lessons on Zanzibar? What is a wingfoil board? Why should you try and learn, What is the difference between a ite hydrofoil and winghydrofoil? 

For all these important questions you have we try to give an answer! This is ofcourse for those who want to take it to the next level. Kite Centre Zanzibar offers this and makes it an unforgettable experience: the option to learn how to surf a wingfoil on Zanzibar!


A wing hydrofoil boards will allow you to fly, even without strong wind


Hydrofoil boards (often just called foilboards) are specialised surfboards with a hydrofoil underneath (2 wings that carry you out of the water). The wings are attached to a mast connected to the board.


What is the difference between a kite hydrofoil board and a wing hydrofoil board?

The wing hydrofoilboard is bigger and also the wing underneath is bigger and wider. This because the wing you hold in your hands is smaller and generate less power than a kite, for that you need a board with more volume and a frontwing thats bigger.

Wing Hydrofoil rentals for more advanced surfers  

For wingfoiling you don’t need to be a kitesurfer, since you hold a wing instead of a kite. If you have experences in windsurfing then you will benefit more. So overall everybody can learn and try.

Kite Centre Zanzibar, the perfect place for wingfoil lessons

To Learn the wingfoil you need stable wind with flat water. In the lagoon we have these perfect conditions to learn fast and safe. Incase you can’t stay upwind, the side-onshore wind blows you back to the beach.

Is learning to wingfoil difficult?

To Learn you need like most sports time to master the little things, but overall in a few hours you will manage to stand and a little more to to fly above the water. 

Duotone wing with Fanatic foil, the perfect combination

To Learn we have the best combination to learn with the best brands on the marked, Duotone and Fanatic.


Questions? We’d love to hear from you!  

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