Is Kitesurfing not too difficult for me?

Kitesurfing is often seen as an extreme sport, but it’s really up to you whether you make it extreme or not. Compare it to riding a bike.. if you stroll down the street casually it’s no big deal. But if you have to make backflips in the meantime it gets pretty extreme. And that’s the beauty of Kitesurfing. After three lessons most likely, you will be able to ride independently. After that you can challenge yourself in what you want to learn further! Just make sure you stay within your ‘comfort zone’ and enjoy the ride.

Most accidents happen due to a starting kitesurfer who hasn’t had any lessons. We can give you Kitesurfing Lessons in a safe way because we use only new and top quality materials to ensure we can trust our materials fully. So if you ask us, Kitesurfing is not dangerous at all and its possible to do for everybody.

There is one main danger though, Kitesurfing is highly addictive..

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