North kite bar 2015

Testing the North kite bar 2015

Testing the North kite bar 2015

The new North quad bar

We tested the new North quad bar 2015 from North Kiteboarding. So the 4 line kitebar looks similar as the 2014 bar. It’s now bright yellow in stead of the bright blue colors, which is the biggest visual change. 

New for the 2015 North bar

But visuals are not the most important, what has really changed:
The bar is redesigned. It offers a single frontline safety system. This means that the load is no longer going to the split point of the frontline. It has a pully so the load is redirected to 1 of the frontline, for a better opening of the kite. 

Also the elastics of the previous bar to hold the lines, were coming off far to easy. Now they are glued, and we hope it will last longer. 

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