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General Terms & Conditions

  1. All courses are booked for the specified dates and are non-transferable.
  2. No course booking is confirmed before payment, or reservation fee is received. The student may change the booking at any time up to 15 days prior to the course start date by sending an email and changing the date of the course.
  3. With Cancelling we do not refund the paid deposit.
  4. Students with pre booking need to contact or pass by the Kitecentre the day before to check the time to start the lessons. Students should be punctual and available at each start of a session. Those who do not attend the sessions booked in for, will lose those sessions and this is non-refundable. Note that non-attendance of any part or parts of the course may render the next scheduled-in session unable to be carried out due to missed teaching of knowledge / skills. This will also be non-refundable. An opportunity may be provided to join missed sessions at the next available course, but this is provided there will be no disruption of this next available course and is at the absolute discretion of Kite Centre Zanzibar whose decision shall be final.
  5. Kite Centre Zanzibar will provide tuition and all the equipment required for the student to undertake the course.
  6. The student must accept that all courses are weather dependent and that this may adversely affect your course. If in the judgement of Kite Centre Zanzibar a course is unable to start due to the weather conditions, or because safety could be compromised for any reason, students will be offered a credit in respect of any days owed to them by Kite Centre Zanzibar.
  7. It is then the responsibility of the student to contact Kite Centre Zanzibar within 3 months to re-arrange its booking. Or choose a 50% refund of the remaining, not used time, trough voucher.



Terms and conditions lessons

  1. Lessons will be cancelled with wind conditions < 2 bft and >6 bft ;
  2. Groups with 1 instructor have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 students;
  3. The courses are normally held in English, but on request we can also teach in Dutch, German or French (when available)
  4. In case of groups smaller than 2 students, lessons will be 2 hours instead of 3 hours;
  5. The time for lessons are rounded up by half an hour;
  6. In case there is a half hour left due to bad weather conditions the full lesson will be charged;
  7. Lessons cancelled (last minute) by students, when weather conditions are teachable (Kite centre Zanzibar will judge this), will be charged at 100 %.
  8. Students that are late or don’t show are charged fully
  9. Online paid reservation deposit is not refundable
  10. We prefer you to pay cash in Euro, Dollars and Tshilling or use your creditcard (+5%).
  11. We teach the IKO way of teaching and after you reached a certain level a card of competence will be provided

Terms and conditions rental

  1. Before rental is confirmed, the renter must prove the level of competence, With strong doubt the renter has to take a refreshing course.
  2. Reservations have priority of walk-inn guests;
  3. A guest can not claim or make a reservation for a specific size or type board or kite, first in has first choice.
  4. Renting a waveboard or 14+ kite is only possible after judgement of the Kite centre.
  5. Pre booking packages are non refundable. In case of no wind during the hole reservation time, reserved rental days can be refunded 50 % trough voucher;
  6. Online paid reservation deposit is not refundable




When a booking is confirmed and after confirmation a booking is cancelled we follow the following cancallation policy:

  1. 100% refund in case of cancellation 30 days before starting date
  2. 50% refund in case of cancellation between 30 days to 15 days before starting date
  3.  0% in case of cancellation of 14 days or less before starting date

No wind policy

When you are unlucky and have 1 or more no windy days (with judgement of KCZ, can’t go out on a big board with big kite)

We refund to a maximum of 50% of the not used time.

Rental example: you rent 7 days and can kite only 4, we refund you 50% of the difference, so the price of 7 days minus the price of 4 days x 50% (290-200=90 x 50% = 45€)

Lesson example: You booked a beginner semi private course and did 6 hours instead of the 9, we refund you 50% of the price minus the price for 6 hours. (320 – 230 = 90 x50% = 45€)

Insurance policy Kite Zanzibar

(at the moment we don’t offer an insurance policy, we advice you to take the safety tool from, VWDS

  1. Breakage due to normal use is covered.
  2. Always follow instructions from kite centre staff
  3. Make yourself known in the area, the hazardness, the seaweed farms, kitearea, walking paths / escape routes to the second lagoon.

Not covered (also with insurance):

  1. Kite surfing on the reef;
  2. Learning new tricks like handle passes/kite loop;
  3. Breakage due diligence;
  4. Kite surfing with low tide around or on the seaweed farms
  5. Rental material has to be used at the spot in front of kite centre Zanzibar. It can only be taken to other spots with consent of the kite centre.

Pricelist when no insurance

  1. Lost kite                                                          100% of retail price
  2. Broken kite (complete rip)                          50% of retail price
  3. Broken kite (cut, hole)small                        10% of retail price
  4. Broken kite (cut, hole)big                           20% of retail price
  5. Broken line                                                    €50, –
  6. Lost fin                                                            €20, –
  7. Lost/completely broken board                    €500, –
  8. Damaged board twintip                              €75, –
  9. Damaged board waveboard                      €100, –
  10. Damaged / broken footpads                      €50,-
  11. Lost bar                                                          €300,-
  12. Damaged/broken bar                                 €100,-