surf zanzibar



Join our surftrip and get on the waves of Zanzibar

Uncrowded reefs with amazing waves. Where you ask? That’s right, on Zanzibar. Get stoked and join our surftrip! On Zanzibar the waves above the reef are really nice for surfing, especially on the no-wind days. There are multiple breaks, suitable for every level of surfing, so the spot depends on your skills. Whether you are a beginner or expert, everyone can go on this trip. Attention: surfing above a reef can be dangerous if you have never done it before, please ask our guides for advice if you are in doubt.  

Want to make a full fun day out of it? We can combine the surf trip with a snorkel adventure and underwater wing! 

What to expect? 

Price: 50 $ 
Duration: half day
Included: Transfer to the surfspot, drinks and snacks, surfboards
Remember to: Put on waterproof sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going! And bring plenty with you.

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