Support for primary school in Paje

Support for primary school in Paje

School benches donation

Since a few years we support a local primary school in Paje. The school is very primitive and the teachers have hardly any material to work with. The children were simply sitting on the ground with no pen or paper.

After the first year when we started to donate pens and writing books we found out they really needed school benches to sit on. Pens and paper is easier to get and are often given by tourists. Since the last 2 years we donated 10 Benches to the local primary school in Paje!

What can I do? 

Fantastic that you are thinking about what you can do to help the local kids. We have plenty of ideas to join the project:

  • donate a (small sum) so together we can buy a new bench (1 costs approx 90€, made from hardwood)
  • donate a complete bench or several benches
  • bring pens / writing books to Zanzibar
  • take your old kite and donate that to JENGA and get a free laptop/ipad sleeve

Get in touch with us if you’d like to help! Contact us.

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