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Self-rescue in Paje

Self-rescue in the lagoon in Paje

The self-rescue is an essential skill for kitesurfing safety and is always included in the full kitesurfing intro course. Trouble can always occur when you are kitesurfing. Either the wind picks up beyond your capacity or you can experience equipment failure like a broken line or kite e.g. If the situation occurs that you need to perform a safety pack down during your session, you don’t have to panic. Just make sure you know what you have to do. We are here to provide you with some advice about the Paje Lagoon. 

What to be aware of: 

  • Sea urchins. In front of the Kite Centre the sands are usually as white as can be, but if you end up going downwind too much you can end up in area’s with some sea urchins. You can easily spot them as they are often situated in black spots where seaweed comes together.
  • Tides. The tidal changes in Zanzibar can change drastically every day. Transforming the lagoon from a flatwater heaven to wavy and bumpy high tide conditions (which are however perfect for foiling).
  • Boats. Watch where the local fisher boats are, there may be a few scattered on the coast line.
Here’s a quick run through the self-rescue: *

> Release the bar and the chicken loop to depower the kite as much as possible.
> Once the kite is on the water, regain your bar by going hand over hand along the safety line that’s connected to your leash. Keep in mind not to wrap the line around your hand, you don’t want to loose one of your fingers..
> Secure the safety line onto one side of the bar. After that you wind the rest of the lines. Usually on Zanzibar you are able to wind the lines onto the bar end to end. But if you have difficulties or the wind is too strong you can wrap the lines around one bar end.
> Wrap all the lines onto the bar.
> Once you get to your kite you can pull yourself to the wingtip to flip the kite over and use the kite to sail back across the wind.

If however you have been riding with low tide in the shallow lagoon, you don’t have to use the kite as a sail for you can simply pack down the kite and walk back. 

* This article highlights the points to focus on in the lagoon in Paje, Zanzibar for those who already know how to do a self-rescue. If you have never done it before please inform at the Kite Centre for Kitesurfing Lessons before heading out without the proper knowledge and experience.

Enjoy your time on Zanzibar! We are here if you have any questions about our Kitesurfing lessons for: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced or Hydrofoil. We also offer Rental and Storage. For information about accommodation options you can read this blog, or book straight away

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