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Review North Rebel 2018

Review North Rebel 2018

‘you can’t buy freedom, but you can buy a kite, and that’s pretty close’

The rebel is a favorite kite by many, it’s fast with very good upwind abilities, amazing jumps and enormous hangtime. 

This year North changed the 5 line setup to a four line setup, a few years ago they tried it as well and called it the Fuse, but if I remember correctly this wasn’t a succes (it was backstalling and had an indirect feeling).

When we took it out we did not feel any difference with the previous Rebel, with a 5line setup, it has the same feeling, same kite. Only now it comes with the new trinity TX material, which is more stiff, so only with strong winds you are really able to feel the differences.

The kite is fast, turns smooth and the hangtime is great. In the school here on Zanzibar we use the Rebel mainly for more experienced riders. The rebel asks a bit of advance understanding of power/depower especially with light wind. It’s not a beginner kite but a high performance free ride machine, with a slightly heavy barload. And still compared to the 3 strut kites a heavy kite performes best in medium to strong winds.

Review North Rebel at Kite Centre ZanzibarEnjoy and unleash the Rebel inside you! Come on over to Zanzibar and try out the new Rebel for yourself on the flat water lagoon where the conditions are perfect. Check out the Rental Prices and read more about our Kitesurfing Lessons


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