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Review North Dice 2018

Review North Dice 2018

The new Dice 2018 from North Kiteboarding arrived on Zanzibar! We couldn’t wait to check out it’s new features. It was a quiet morning in Paje, Zanzibar, the water was perfectly flat and we went out with around 16 knots and a directional, and later the Hydrofoil. Have a look, and read on for the full review .. 


Review North Dice 2018:

When you unpack the kite, it’s beautiful. The new grey/black colours give an amazing contrast with the turquoise Zanzibari waters.

The canopy material has changed into Trinity material with 3 and 2 cords woven into it for better strength and durability. Also it has 2 coatings for a more crisp feeling and a longer lifespan of the kite.

On the water the kite is very stable and the low end is definitely improved. The drifting is much better and with a downloop the kite keeps power and when you start to edge the power gently increases back into the kite. With the Dice from last year it was more on-off. 

The kite is very direct and you can constantly feel where it is, which makes it a very predictable kite with a smooth feel.

We enjoyed the new Dice a lot. 

Review North Dice at Kite Centre Zanzibar

Can’t wait to try for yourself? Then come on over to Zanzibar where the conditions are perfect on the flatwater lagoon. Check out the Rental Prices and read more about our Kitesurfing Lessons and Hydrofoil Lessons

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