Review North click bar

Review North click bar

Review North click bar

Along with the arrival of the Dice 2018 and the Rebel 2018, we received the new North Click Bar! We were more than happy to test everything out of course … 

The look of the new clickbar has changed slightly, next to the new bright blue colour. The bar weighs 50 gram more which insn’t much but we felt the difference when we held both bars. It still comes with a 22m lineset and a 2 m extention which is already attached. The floaters have undergone an upgrade with integrated rubber patches which gives it more volume. Another great feature is the V-distributor on the front lines which is now adjustable in height. 

The biggest change is the new chickenloop. Also you now have three choices for the hooks: a freestyle hook, a freeride hook (lot smaller then the previous hook), and a rope hook, only for a rope harness. So when you order don’t forget to order the hook, this comes seperatly! Note that with the freeride hook a smaller leash is offered (half of the length of the old size).

The Push Button lengthens the back lines so you can depower the kite through the backlines. This system allows for powering and depowering of the kite while you are riding. It’s very easy to use which results in smoother riding because you don’t have to change your body position while you tune the power. It’s even possible to power during a bottom turn. 

Overall the new North Click bar is a great bar. With a big depower strap that automatically rewinds your lines after loops and easy depowering through the push of a button. 

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