The principles of Kitesurfing | Kitesurfing Lessons at Kite Centre Zanzibar

The Principles of Kitesurfing

The principles of Kitesurfing | 

Kitesurfing Lessons at Kite Centre Zanzibar

So you would like to learn more about kiteboarding? Or did you just start to get into this amazing sport? That’s great! We are rooting for you ofcourse! This article about the principles of kitesurfing is dedicated to the beginning kiteboarder. The more you know about your new passion, the better and the faster you will be able to do that waterstart and ride away! 

Why Kiteboarding?

Kiteboarding, or kitesurfing, is one of the most exciting watersports. It combines a lot of different aspects from kite flying, surfing and wakeboarding. Ride for hours on end, hearing only the sound of the wind at your ears and the water under your feet …

The conditions on Zanzibar

If you never tried kitesurfing before it’s best to practise in water where you can easily stand. Like the lagoon in front of the Kite Centre. The reef protects the inside waters, so the lagoon inside the reef is flat, with shallow knee-deep water and soft sand, perfect for beginners. Read more about the windy seasons on Zanzibar

Is Kitesurfing not too difficult for me?

Kitesurfing is often seen as an extreme sport, but it’s really up to you whether you make it extreme or not. Compare it to riding a bike.. if you stroll down the street casually it’s no big deal. But if you have to make backflips in the meantime it gets pretty extreme. And that’s the beauty of Kitesurfing. After three lessons most likely, you will be able to ride independently. After that you can challenge yourself in what you want to learn further! Just make sure you stay within your ‘comfort zone’ and enjoy the ride. Most accidents happen due to a starting kitesurfer who hasn’t had any lessons. We can give you Kitesurfing Lessons in a safe way because we use only new and top quality materials to ensure we can trust our materials fully. So if you ask us, Kitesurfing is not dangerous at all and its possible to do for everybody. There is one main danger though, Kitesurfing is highly addictive..

The very first beginnings..

Kitesurfing Lessons at Kite Centre Zanzibar are divided into three lessons of three hours for the full Beginners Course. The first Introduction lesson starts with flying the kite. First you practise on the beach with a trainer kite and later in the water. On the beach we will teach you the following: setting up the kite, the power of the kite, reaction of the kite, theory, landing and launching. We have several helpful and fun exercises to get the necessary control over your kite. After that we will go in the water with the big inflatable kite where you will practise to steer. Also you learn about controlling the kite, safety releases and body dragging. 

Like it so far? Then go on and really learn to ride! 

After the first 3 hours of introduction, with the 6 hours left we will focus on teaching you the following aspects; kite controlling & flying skills, body dragging, walking with the kite & board, safety procedures like water re-launching. The goal is to get you on the board and make your first few meters on the water. In most cases after you finish the full beginners’ course you can rent gear and get out there independently! 

We use the IKO way of teaching. Read more about this in our blog, the IKO way of teaching.
The Full Beginners Kite Course of 9 hours costs € 290,-. 

What else is possible

Beside the Kitesurfing Lessons for Beginners, we also offer Intermediate Kitesurfing Lessons so you can aim for better riding. Refreshing Lessons where we do a quick recap on all the safety procedures and good riding. Or book a Private Lesson so you have 100% focus on you.

What is Hydrofoiling?

Maybe you have seen this already on the site, and you are wondering what is this, Hydrofoiling? It’s the best thing! A Hydro foil is a big wing under a sort of surfboard. It adds a whole new impulse to your kite style. It’s only possible for experienced kitesurfers. But.. if you can do it.. you are able to ride with very little wind. Once you’re up you float with hardly any resistance. It’s amazing! Now possible to try at our Kite Centre. We developed a special program to learn this new sport fast and save! 

Are you stoked and want to learn how to ride? Then book your Kitesurfing Lessons now via the link below! 

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Check out this video from our blog about kitesurfing lessons for beginners and hopefully we’ll see you on the waters of Zanzibar soon! 


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