North Rebel 2015 – review

North Rebel 2015 – review

Yes Yes, It’s time again for the new North Rebel 2015, from North Kiteboarding.

It’s always great to see the new toys for coming year. The new designed bag, the new color scheme for 2015.

Here is our first impression on the beach and on the water:

On the beach

The shape of the kite seems very similar as the 2014 model. We have to put it next to the 2014 to find the differences. The yellow details are now in bright blue, looking great.

The airport valve looks the same. Only now it comes with a paper what says you first have to open the valve before you use the dump valve, before deflating. Probably this has to do with the position of the now new clear valve membrane, inside the airport valve. 

On the water

The kite feels slightly lighter and smoother then the previous model, but maybe it’s just our enthusiastic reaction on the new toys. We first took a 12m out with very little wind (9 knots) and we were amazed by it’s low end and still easy smooth handling. The bar pressure is good, not to heavy and certainly not too light. You can choose 2 settings to adjust this to your preference.

The next day we took the 12m out in 20+ knots, wow.. what a kite, even with full power the shape stays super stable. And did I mention the hangtime (nothing new for the rebel), but it felt like a hangtime better then ever before. And yes we really think the turning is a bit better and the kite flies a little lighter..


An amazing kite, smooth, very powerfull, and what a hangtime (did I mention this before?). The quality of the kite is very high, with eye for detail. But not too much of a difference from the 2014 model, refined for 2015. Just little things that the experienced Rebel rider will notice. 

For sure our choice for the bigger sizes, for big air, old school & freeriding. 

You are welcome for a look and a test drive! 


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