North Dice 2015 – review

North Dice 2015 Review

The North Dice 2015 is the second edition, a year ago the Dice was introduced for the first time. North aimed for the freestyle riders. Who is not purely in for hardcore freestyle but also wants a bit more allround features in the kite and is keen to catch some proper waves on a kitewaveboard. This side of the sport is developing fast. Since we have amazing flat water and great waves here on Zanzibar, the Dice is a kite we see a around a lot .. but now we tested the new 2015 model.

The North Dice 2015

On the beach

The kite looks stunning, bright colors, 2 similar colors and 1 contrast color in the tip. The printed dices disappeared unfortunately. The profile is a bit deeper and the profile looks slightly more open.

On the water

Because of the deeper and more open profile the hangtime is improved, what you really feel. Also the low end of the kite increased a lot. So now you don’t need 1 size bigger then we use to take with the 2014 edition. For us this means a big positive change. Because with the strapless freestyling we do, we were really looking for these changes. The bar pressure is average and certainly not too heavy. It really pushes you to try new tricks you didn’t did before, it feels very natural and direct.


A great Cross-over kite, for sure not an agressive freestyle kite, but a gentle all rounder with a little pepper, perfect for freestyle, wave and freeriding. The 3 struts makes the kite a light and playfull kite.

We love it!

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