North Dice 2014 – review

Just arrived, the new North Dice 2014

North marketed the new North Dice 2014 kite as an allround crossover kite, a kite for freestyle & Wave…We took them out for a ride. 

First we unpacked the 10m colored red-turquoise, a great combination. The big airport is also implemented in this kite, quick and easy pump for lazy kiters like us:) . After pumping the kite looks like a Neo on the beach, but a turns into a Vegas in the air. You can choose soft or the hard setting and can ride it with 4 or 5 lines, Very curious how it’s in the air.. 

Dice In the air 

It feels very solid, gives loads of pop because of the stiff profile amazing depower, very quick, and difficult to get it unstable or to get it backstalling / oversheeting. Constant pull, hard bar pressure on the hard setting, huge depower (good to slide down the stopper, so you can easy grab the bar again..) Made for unhooked tricks, great boost by kiteloops, old school is a bit more difficult with this kite but then you must choose the Rebel instead! 

Dice in the waves 

We changed the board, strapless in the amazing waves of Zanzibar. The Dice turns very fast but has more pull than the Neo, it drifts very good in back in the windwindow, so when you make a turn and your lines are loose the kite stays stable waiting for you to edge again. We had a great downwinder and were happely suprised by the performance, For sure a favourite. 

We also took it out in a lesson to see the handling, landing &  launching abilities, we were a bit sceptic, probably to agressive for the students, but the instructor and students were happy, easy to relaunch, great depower, for waterstart maybe a bit fast but for sure a good kite to use. 

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