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Taking Kitesurfing Lessons on Zanzibar is a great experience. Because of the perfect kite conditions, our latest premium material  from Duotone Kiteboarding and our professional, certified kite instructors. Choose the Kitesurfing Lessons that fit your needs, from Beginner to Advanced. We love to teach you new tricks. Or take a private lesson and choose between the new hype hydro foiling or wave clinics. We are looking forward to help you progress on the endless blue waters of Zanzibar. 


I like to learn kitesurfing

If you never tried kitesurfing before you are at the right place to follow our beginner kitesurfing lessons. Kite Centre Zanzibar is located at the best spot on Zanzibar, opposite to the big shallow lagoon, perfect for beginners. Let our qualified and professional instructors take you out with the best equipment from Duotone to make your learning curve safe and fast. Choose from our options below for beginners (all prices are per person):

Full Kite Course 9h

Group (3 - 4 pax,shared kite)

  • Independent beginner
  • Waterstart
  • Level 2
  • 320 €

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Full Kite Course 9h

Semi Private (2p,shared kite)

  • Independent beginner
  • Waterstart
  • Level 2
  • 360 €

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> Private LESSONS

I like to learn more

As an experienced kitesurfer there are still so many things you can learn, from better riding, higher jumping to very advanced tricks like handle passes and kite loops with the newest gear from Duotone. Let us help you get to the next level in your kitesurfing with the advanced lessons.We teach with radio in some of the advance lessons for maximum efficiency. Book a private lesson, for maximum results:

Private Lesson 1h


  • Riding both directions
  • Transitions
  • Jumps
  • Strapless / Wave riding
  • 85 €

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Private Lesson 2h


  • Student instructor
  • On every level
  • Improve your skills
  • More hours? Get cheaper!
  • 170 €

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Of course we offer more hours, incase you want more private hours, you pay the following
4h = 280€ | 6h = 420€ | 8h = 480€,
After this we charge per hour 60€ 



A Hydro foil is a big wing under a sort of surfboard. It's exists since 10 years and was mainly used for waterskiing, fast sailboats and in racing for kitesurfing. In 2014 the kite industry realized that this could be an interesting addition to your kite quiver, a whole new impulse to your kite style. With very little wind you can start to ride, and once you're up you float with hardly any resistance. It's amazing! Now possible to try at our kite centre. We developed a special program to learn this new sport fast and save!

> Why on Zanzibar?

In the lagoon in front of the kite centre, high tide provides perfect conditions for foiling. We teach with a special short mast which will get you on the board and flying in no time. When you get the hang of it and you're able to go, you can move to the higher, normal mast. We do hydrofoil lessons with radios to ensure efficiency during the lessons.

Foil  / Wing Lesson


  • Board control
  • Waterstart
  • Dolphin / ride
  • 100/h €

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Foil / Wing Course (2h)

Private, 1 day

  • Learn the basics to start Foiling
  • 1h lesson per day
  • 1h practise per day
  • 150 €

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Supervision (per hour)

Practice under supervision

  • Walking
  • Waterstart
  • Riding
  • 20/H €

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kids kitesurfing kite centre zanzibar


Specialised in teaching your kids kitesurfing! 

To do this we have special gear for kids (harnesses, helmets, jackets, short lines).
This way we can get the kids out on the water and teach them the principles of kitesurfing in a safe way with an experienced and professional instructor
The minimum weight is 35 kg, and minimum age is 8 years old, depending on the child. 


> Licensed Instructors

We work only with Licensed instructors (IKO, VDWS,KNWV etc..)
  • After 3h intro lesson
  • Know safe wind directions and conditions for kiting
  • Set up a kite and know the safety systems
  • First kite control and body drags
  • After 9h full course
  • Bodydragging and water re-launch
  • Landing and launching the kite
  • Water start and riding first meters
After the course
  • After full course, extra hours
  • Consistent riding in both directions
  • Control speed by edging
  • Know the right of way rules