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Kitesurfing Lessons Beginner

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Beginners Intro Kitesurfing Lesson (3 hours)

We offer a Beginners Introduction Kitesurfing Lesson for those who want to have a taste of this amazing sport before continuing with the full course. This Intro Lesson is perfect to discover Kitesurfing.

This lesson starts with the focus on flying the kite. First you practise on the beach and later in the water. On the beach we will teach you the following: setting up the kite, the power of the kite, reaction of the kite, theory, landing and launching. We have several helpful and fun exercises to get the necessary control over your kite. After that we will go in the water with the big inflatable kite where you will practise to steer. Also you learn about controlling the kite, safety releases and body dragging. After 3 hours you will get a pretty good idea what kitesurfing is about and you have the chance to decide if you want to continue with the next 6 hours. You share the kite with the other students.

Like it so far? Then go on and really learn to ride! Check our full beginners kite course and take 6 more hours after which you most likely will be able to continue practising on your own.       

Full Beginners Kitesurfing Course (3×3 hours)

We offer a Full Beginners Kite boarding Course for who really wants to learn kite boarding. After the course you most likely will be able to continue practising on your own.

After the first 3 hours of introduction, with the 6 hours left we will focus on teaching you the following aspects; kite controlling & flying skills, body dragging, walking with the kite & board, safety procedures like water re-launching start. The goal is to get you on the board and make your first few meters on the water. In most cases after you finish the full beginners’ course, you can rent gear and get out there under the supervision of an instructor.

Main Goals: controlling the kite / getting on the board /  be able to practise on your own. After this course most students are able to rent gear under supervision of an instructor.

To get to level 2 you need to be able to show us the required skills.

Semi private, full Beginners Kitesurfing Course (3×3 hours)

This is the same course, with a maximum of two people in the group (semi-private)

Want to see what Zanzibar has in store for you? Check out this movie about the new Dice 2018 on Zanzibar!

Full Beginner Weekpack (3×3 hours + 3 half days rental)

Have you completed the Full Beginners Kite boarding Course of 9 hours? Then you are most likely able to continue practising on your own. The weekpack offers you the opportunity to practise on your own with rental kites for 3 half days.

Try riding independent with the best gear from Duotone and Brunotti. After the Weekpack you will get to Level 2/3.

Want the Full Beginner Weekpack with semi private lessons? That’s possible ! In this package you will have your lessons with max two people in total. 

Are you stoked and want to learn how to ride? Then book your kitesurfing lessons now via the link below! 

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Check out this video from our blog ‘The Principles of Kitesurfing‘ about kitesurfing lessons for beginners and hopefully we’ll see you on the waters of Zanzibar soon!

Have you seen our Intermediate Kitesurfing Lessons already? Or would you like to learn Hydrofoiling? If you have any questions, contact us, or read the FAQ!


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