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Kitesurfing Lessons Advanced

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Kitesurfing Lessons Advanced (2 hours)

We offer an Advanced Kitesurfing Lesson for who wants to learn more techniques on every kite level. This is where the COOLEST part of kite surfing begins! 

This lesson is for those who are able to stay upwind and want to learn tricks to bring themselves to the next level.  What we teach you: basic jumps, smooth transitions, jumping transition, basic rotations and so on… Try out the Advanced Kitesurfing Lesson for two hours, 

Private Lesson

Go on and book yourself a Private Kitesurfing Lesson to make the best and quickest progress possible. We give Private Kitesurfing lessons on every level, we simply determine your current abilities and continue from there. For example we can help you starting out with wave riding on the amazing reef with nice waves. Want more hours? 

That’s perfect, because we will give you a discount if you book more hours with us.   

What else do we have to offer?

– Wave Sessions (with wave or directional board) with or without straps.  Hydrofoil Lessons (learn to ride with low and soft winds!)             

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Have you seen our Intermediate Kitesurfing Lessons already? If you have any questions, contact us, or read the FAQ!

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