kitesafari blue, zanzibar

Kitesafari Blue

Kitesafari Blue (whole day)

The Kitesafari Blue departs from the fishing village of Fumba, on the west side of Zanzibar. From there we start exploring the sandbanks. We will see the islands, lagoons and wonders of the Indian Ocean in the comfort of our traditional dhows. These boats are hand built from African mahogany.

Once arrived on the beautiful idyllic sandbanks we start kitesurfing around the banks. The most stunning natural creations must be the two pristine sandbanks of soft white sand. They rise out of the turquoise blue of the Indian Ocean. We move on to have a delicious Seafood Lunch. From there on we spend the rest of the afternoon kitesurfing. After this we either kite back to the shore or go back with the boat. After which we will transfer you back to Kite Centre Zanzibar. 

What to expect? 

Price: 75 euro 
Duration: whole day
People: minimal four people
Included: Transfer to the boat, Seafood Lunch, and lots of kite guiding.

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