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Hydrofoil lessons on Zanzibar

Hydrofoil lessons on Zanzibar? What are hydrofoil boards? Why should you learn, and who can benefit most? And why should you travel all the way to Zanzibar to learn how to fly kite with a hydrofoil board?

Let’s try to answer all these important questions you have! For visitors who are ready to take their kite surfing adventure to the next level, Kite Centre Zanzibar offers an unforgettable experience: the chance to learn how to hydrofoil surf!


Hydrofoil boards will allow you to fly, even without strong wind


Hydrofoil boards (often just called foilboards) are specialised surfboards with a hydrofoil underneath. This is like a short mast extending from the bottom of the board, and it creates some pretty spectacular effects!


This unique design means that as soon at the board starts to pick up speed, it begins to rise up out of the water – so the rider ‘levitates’ and feels like they’re flying! Hydrofoil boards also offer other advantages over traditional kitesurfing. For example, the ultra-efficient way it harnesses kinetic energy means that you can race along even when there’s virtually no wind.


Who can benefit from hydrofoil lessons?


We’re not going to lie to you – hydrofoil surfing is not an easy skill to master, so we only recommend you give it a try if you’re already confident on a normal kiteboard, or have a lot of surfing experience. Even then, you can still expect to crash a number of times before you get it right!


That said, for those who are ready to really test their skills on the water, hydrofoiling offers an experience unlike anything else out there. Find out more about what to expect during our hydrofoil lessons here.
or see our video about hydrofoil lesson


Hydrofoil rentals for more advanced kite surfers  


If you’ve had a few lessons but aren’t quite ready to go it alone, Kite Centre Zanzibar also offers the option for one of our assistants to supervise you while you practice. You can also take advantage of our affordable hydrofoil rentals, so you can see if the sport is right for you before buying your own board. 


What makes Kite Centre Zanzibar the perfect place for hydrofoil lessons


As we mentioned, learning to hydrofoil can be tricky, especially for beginners. That’s why the quiet lagoon right in front of our centre makes the perfect spot to practice. We’ll start you off with a special short training mast to make it a little easier before you graduate onto the full-size version.


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