North Rebel 2014 – review

The new North Rebel 2014

We had the new North Rebel 2014 out on the water on Zanzibar. We tested the 12, 10 and 8m. First thing you notice is the new inflation valve, the airport. A big hole where you just can connect your pump  without any reduction tube; like how the pipe is connected to the pump itself. It’s very easy and pumps very fast. You have to practise a bit to disconnect, but works like a charm. 

When pumped it seam similar like the Rebel 2013 model, changes in the design are the spitted color difference left and right ( for example red and orange). 

As soon as the rebel 2014 in the air, you see the different shape better, it has a deeper profile, and is more round. 
During riding it has more low end power and better stability. Jumping is still great , huge airs, slightly less then last year. The turning is faster and more smooth, better for freeride, the bar pressure is very nice 
The new Bar, the bar is changed a bit, has a new centre piece, the chickenloop is a bit smaller, and the donkeydick is longer, the grip on the bar feels better and the diameter is a big wider closer to the centre piece. The floaters are stil the same only grey is changed for blue.

Overall an amazing kite, smoother, faster, great pop. 

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