New Kite centre Zanzibar

New Kite Centre

The New Kite Centre Zanzibar

The new and improved Kite Centre opens her doors on the 1st of December 2017

The first Kite school on Zanzibar
The last couple of months there has been a lot of activity on the beach at the Kite Centre. People were moving bricks, building walls .. until finally, the new Kite Centre Zanzibar was there!

We are very proud to announce we are opening our doors on the 1st of December to welcome you all in our new Kite Centre.

What has changed?
We moved to a new location which is around 50 meters from the old site. It’s now in between coffee and lunchroom Mr Kahawa and Mahali. We can be spotted a bit better now for we are no longer in between the trees, but right on the beach so we can keep an eye on the kiters and the latest wind conditions.

Bigger shop
The Surfshop is much bigger and more organised now. We always have second hand gear for sale, and we make cool gadgets out of the really old kites like laptop sleeves and bags. We sell lycra’s, board shorts, surf towels, and many other things you might have forgotten at home like sunscreen and kitesurf glasses.

What hasn’t changed?
We’re still here, with the same big smiles on our faces offering you the best service as usual. So come on over and explore the new shop and book your kitesurfing lessons, rental or storage with us! 

New Kite centre Zanzibar

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