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Downwind trip

Downwind trip (half day)

During windy season, what’s better than doing a Downwind trip where you can simply follow the flow of the wind towards the spot you want to go to? We offer Downwind trips that lasts half days. You can either go from Michamvi to Paje, which is around 15km. Or go from Jambiani to Paje, also 15 km. Which one it is depends of the wind direction of course.. But both will take you to beautiful places and undiscovered waters on Zanzibar. 

What to expect? 

Price: 20 euro 
People: minimal three people
What’s included: Transfer to Michamvi / Jambiani and a drink, and excellent guiding.
We start the day with the transfer to Michamvi or Jambiani. 
Once we get there, we prepare the kites. After which we’ll surf to the reef, and follow the reef downwind to Paje. 

Are you an experienced kiter? Then  you are in luck! Mostly there are beautiful waves where you can go waveriding. Less experienced stay inside the reef, and depending on the group- level we have a rescue-boat following.

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