It’s advisable to book in advance! We look forward to welcome you at our beautiful lagoon! 

It can be busy at Kite Centre Zanzibar, so make your booking for kitesurfing lessons and services at least one week in advance and you’re good to go! 
To secure your spot we ask for a 20% deposit payment. (non-refundable)
The remaining can be paid at arrival in cash, we accept EUR, USD, or TSh.
(Card is mostly possible with a bankcharge of 5%).

NOTE: Select the period you want to book a service, the total days gives you a total for the service for these days!

How to book: 
1- Choose ‘Kite Centre’ or ‘Kahawa Suites’ and ‘next’
2- Select the STARTING date! and Period you want to book the service, this will show the total price directly
3- Fill in your details
4- Make a 20% deposit
5- Thank you & see you soon on Zanzibar! 

Looking for accommodation? Check out our luxury suites at the Kahawa Suites .If you have any questions or you would like to know more about us, fill in the contact form below, or check the FAQ! We also have a nice blog you might find interesting.