Wingfoil on Zanzibar

wingfoil zanzibar

Wingfoil lessons on Zanzibar? What is a wingfoil board? Why should you try and learn, What is the difference between a ite hydrofoil and winghydrofoil?  For all these important questions you have we try to give an answer! This is ofcourse for those who want to take it to the next level. Kite Centre Zanzibar…

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Hydrofoil lessons on Zanzibar

hydrofoil lessons zanzibar

Hydrofoil lessons on Zanzibar? What are hydrofoil boards? Why should you learn, and who can benefit most? And why should you travel all the way to Zanzibar to learn how to fly kite with a hydrofoil board? Let’s try to answer all these important questions you have! For visitors who are ready to take their…

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Way of teaching

IKO way of teaching. What you learn in our Kitesurfing Lessons

Way of teaching | What you will learn in our Kitesurfing Lessons |  We use the best way of teaching and all our instructors are licensed. In this article we will ellaborate on what you will learn in our Kitesurfing Lessons due to the way of teaching. It’s an addition to our article from last week,…

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Kitesurfing Lesson Video

kitesurfing lessons beginner, video, kitesurf lessen beginners

Kitesurfing lesson video |  Taking kitesurfing lessons on Zanzibar is a great experience, check the kitesurfing lesson video below. This because of the perfect kite condition, our latest premium material  from North Kiteboarding and our professional, certified kite instructors. Choose kitesurfing lesson that fits your needs, from Beginner to Advanced. We love to teach you…

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