Wingfoil on Zanzibar

wingfoil zanzibar

Wingfoil lessons on Zanzibar? What is a wingfoil board? Why should you try and learn, What is the difference between a ite hydrofoil and winghydrofoil?  For all these important questions you have we try to give an answer! This is ofcourse for those who want to take it to the next level. Kite Centre Zanzibar…

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Hydrofoil lessons on Zanzibar

hydrofoil lessons zanzibar

Hydrofoil lessons on Zanzibar? What are hydrofoil boards? Why should you learn, and who can benefit most? And why should you travel all the way to Zanzibar to learn how to fly kite with a hydrofoil board? Let’s try to answer all these important questions you have! For visitors who are ready to take their…

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Package, kite+stay

the waterfront zanzibar hotel

Do you want to Kite and stay in the best place in your budget, find with us the options here we offer several options for you, on the spot or very near what fits your budget and wishes for options and bookings:…

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New Kite Centre

New Kite centre Zanzibar

The New Kite Centre Zanzibar The new and improved Kite Centre opens her doors on the 1st of December 2017 The first Kite school on Zanzibar The last couple of months there has been a lot of activity on the beach at the Kite Centre. People were moving bricks, building walls .. until finally, the…

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Hydrofoil kitesurfing

hydrofoil kitesurfing zanzibar

Hydrofoil kitesurfing is getting more popular |  A Hydro foil is a big wing under a sort of surfboard. It’s exists since 10 years and was mainly used for waterskiing, fast sailboats and in racing for kitesurfing. In 2014 the kite industry realized that this could be an interesting addition to your kite quiver, a…

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Self-rescue in Paje

intermediate lessons, faq, frequently asked questions

Self-rescue in the lagoon in Paje The self-rescue is an essential skill for kitesurfing safety and is always included in the full kitesurfing intro course. Trouble can always occur when you are kitesurfing. Either the wind picks up beyond your capacity or you can experience equipment failure like a broken line or kite e.g. If…

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Zanzibar wind conditions

kite centre zanzibar faq, zanzibar wind

» Beginner «  |  » Advanced «  |  » Hydrofoil «  |    Zanzibar Wind conditions |  The tropical island of Zanzibar with her blue ocean and white beaches offer the best conditions for kitesurfing in paradise. Ten years ago we started the first kite school on Zanzibar, Kite Centre Zanzibar – the original. Since then we have gathered…

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Hotels in Zanzibar

The Kahawa suites, hotels zanzibar

Hotels Zanzibar A breakdown of some of the best hotels in Zanzibar, around the Kitespot in Paje Are you looking to book an unforgettable holiday on the white coast of Zanzibar and wake up next to the blue ocean every day? But you’re not quite sure where to go and you would like to compare…

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Way of teaching

IKO way of teaching. What you learn in our Kitesurfing Lessons

Way of teaching | What you will learn in our Kitesurfing Lessons |  We use the best way of teaching and all our instructors are licensed. In this article we will ellaborate on what you will learn in our Kitesurfing Lessons due to the way of teaching. It’s an addition to our article from last week,…

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Strapless Kitesurfing

about us, kite centre zanzibar

Strapless Kitesurfing Tricks Who doesn’t like to ride Strapless while kitesurfing? From feeling that ultimate control that comes from the tip of your toes to cruising in the waves, we are hooked. And luckily for us, Zanzibar is the perfect place for it. Since Strapless kitesurfing is becoming more and more popular within the kitesurfing…

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Kitesurfing Lesson Video

kitesurfing lessons beginner, video, kitesurf lessen beginners

Kitesurfing lesson video |  Taking kitesurfing lessons on Zanzibar is a great experience, check the kitesurfing lesson video below. This because of the perfect kite condition, our latest premium material  from North Kiteboarding and our professional, certified kite instructors. Choose kitesurfing lesson that fits your needs, from Beginner to Advanced. We love to teach you…

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Jetty Jump

Kitesurfing lessons advanced

Jetty Jump |  He jumped……people screamed…… and he landed safely on the other side…  Spice Island, a relaxed resort, not far from our centre (3km) has a jetti in front of the hotel. This wooden platform is great to walk over. Have a cocktail on the end and watch the endless changing colors of the Zanzibari waters. This day was different, Ruben…

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