About us! Meet the Team of Kite Centre Zanzibar

From the owner to the beachboys, everyone at Kite Centre Zanzibar is infected with the kitesurfing virus. That feeling of the warm winds around your ears and the warm water underneath your feet while riding on the flattest waters you’ve ever seen is basically what we’re all here for. We believe Zanzibar is a truly unique place in the world.

We have made kitesurfing our core business and therefore we developed Paje as the perfect kitesurfing spot on Zanzibar. The Kite Centre exists for 10 years now, making us the first and original Kite Centre on Zanzibar.

Here you can combine the extreme sport of kitesurfing with relaxing. Discover the raw beauty of this relatively untouched island. We cannot wait to teach you this fantastic sport. Let us share our passion and knowledge of these waters with you!

Kite Centre Zanzibar only works with professionals and certified instructors to make your kite experience exciting and safe!

Karibu Sana, The Kite Centre Zanzibar team!