IKO way of teaching

IKO way of teaching. What you learn in our Kitesurfing Lessons

IKO way of teaching | What you will learn in our Kitesurfing Lessons | We use the IKO way of teaching and most of our instructors are IKO or KNWV certified. IKO stands for International Kiteboarding Organisation and is the biggest internationally recognised institute for kiteboarding. In this article we will ellaborate on what you will learn in…

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The Principles of Kitesurfing

The principles of Kitesurfing | Kitesurfing Lessons at Kite Centre Zanzibar

The principles of Kitesurfing | Kitesurfing Lessons at Kite Centre Zanzibar | So you would like to learn more about kiteboarding? Or did you just start to get into this amazing sport? That’s great! We are rooting for you ofcourse! This article about the principles of kitesurfing is dedicated to the beginning kiteboarder. The more you know…

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Hydrofoil kitesurfing

hydrofoil kitesurfing zanzibar

Hydrofoil kitesurfing is getting more popular | A Hydro foil is a big wing under a sort of surfboard. It’s exists since 10 years and was mainly used for waterskiing, fast sailboats and in racing for kitesurfing. In 2014 the kite industry realized that this could be an interesting addition to your kite quiver, a whole…

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Strapless Kitesurfing

Strapless kitesurfing zanzibar

Strapless Kitesurfing | Our Top Tips for some Strapless Kitesurfing TricksStrapless kitesurfing is becoming more and more popular within the kitesurfing world. Would you like to learn how to ride strapless? Then read on and try some of these tricks on the water! Zanzibar is the perfect place for it. In the lagoon there is ample…

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Kitesurfing Lesson Video

kitesurfing lessons beginner, video, kitesurf lessen beginners

Kitesurfing lesson video | Taking kitesurfing lessons on Zanzibar is a great experience, check the kitesurfing lesson video below. This because of the perfect kite condition, our latest premium material  from North Kiteboarding and our professional, certified kite instructors. Choose kitesurfing lesson that fits your needs, from Beginner to Advanced. We love to teach you new…

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Jetty Jump

Kitesurfing lessons advanced

Jetty Jump | He jumped……people screamed…… and he landed safely on the other side… Spice Island, a relaxed resort, not far from our centre (3km) has a jetti in front of the hotel. This wooden platform is great to walk over. Have a cocktail on the end and watch the endless changing colors of the Zanzibari waters.This day was different, Ruben and myself came…

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